Hidden doors

Hidden doors are new types of doors from INDIGODOORS, which won`t leave indifferent our contemporaries, and all because they have many advantages:

  • With the minimum size of the premises it became possible to significantly increase the space of living rooms and commercial premises;
  • Hide utility rooms and other non-residential premises from outside views, as well as restrict entry of unauthorized persons to places with prohibited access;
  • Implement the most sophisticated interiors and create the most comfortable space at home, at the office, in a shopping center and other buildings of municipal and commercial importance. At the same time, door structures of this type can become the main design element.

doorinvisible door

Such opportunities have become available through new technologies that are introduced by our company in the production of modern doors. They allow you to make the interior door completely invisible, because the door leaf literally merges with the wall into one, with no transitions at all, and the doors themselves can be opened both from the inside and the outside.

Features of technology in the production of hidden doors

      IndigoDoors make hidden the absence of jambs, the use of a special aluminum box, Italian hidden adjustable hinges hidden inside the box, Italian magnetic locks. Such features ensure the compactness of the hidden door allow the canvas to merge harmoniously with the main interior. Hinges, shoals and locks, which are cut with perfect precision, guarantee ideal fit. I would like to note the fact that OTLAV hidden loops have a rather large resource (more than 200 thousand cycles) and guarantee a high level of security, because it isn`t possible to remove them from a closed door.

The basis of the hidden interior doors is a reinforced high-quality aluminum profile. It`s made of a special hidden joint, characterized by increased resistance to deformation and corrosion. The aluminum part of the frame is mounted on top of the marine plywood, and silent closing of the door is due to the rubber seal in the frame.

Door handles and AGB Italian magnetic locks for hidden interior doors are reliable door accessories of the European sample, where strength and durability has no analogue in the world. Their kit is selected separately according to customer requirements.

Cloths of hidden IndigoDoors are presented in several forms:

  1. Covered with several layers of Italian enamel, while you can choose any color from the RAL catalog that suits you in design and style; 
  2. Doors covered with natural veneer and protected with matte or glossy varnish;
  3.  Hidden primed doors are ready for further painting or wallpapering. You can apply any other decor on these doors
  4. They wrapped in a durable and ecologically clean polypropylene envelope of various colors and textures.

If you choose a system of hidden doors, we have decent offers that will delight you with great design, color scheme and reasonable price. Contact us because we are always ready to realize your dream of installing hidden door systems. No matter where you are in the USA.